Kanger clearomisers are absolutely fantastic devices and offer the vaper an incredible vaping experience. This guide is intend to provide user information to get you started using these superb devices.

The Protank II is a bottom fed system and the Protank III whilst also being bottom fed and also dual coiled. Full package information for each device is shown below.

The Kanger Protank series are all supplied with pyrex glass tanks which are impervious to all e-liquids. There will be no staining or impurity of flavour. When changing to a different flavour you can be assured that you will not experience any tainting of flavours (* so long as you also change the coil at the same time).

The entire device can be dismantled, cleaned or maintained and reassembled. You will find included in the box of the Protank II spare O rings and 2 coils of different oHm ratings. The oHm rating is imprinted on the base of the coil below the screw threads.

Please make sure when ordering replacement parts that you chose the correct coils for your particular device.

For Protank II series please use: Kanger Protank II replacement coils

For Protank III series please use: Kanger Protank III replacement coils

Replacement coils for the Protank II  and III come in a choice of oHm ratings: 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.5 & 2.8 ohms

  • We would recommend choosing no less that 1.8oHms when using the Ego style battery which as a voltage output of 3.7v.

To fill:

  1. Hold the device upside down, mouthpiece downwards and unscrew the base from the body.
  2. Lift the base away from the body of the clearomiser and set aside. (*see ‘Tips’ below)
  3. Hold the tank at an angle and aim the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle into the side of the opened tank.
  4. Ensure the liquid is not fed toward or into the central pillar which is hollow and leads to the mouthpiece.
  5. Fill to just under capacity.
  6. Replace base and screw securely into place. Finger tight is sufficient.
  7. Replace cap onto e-liquid bottle.
  8. Wipe over the device with tissue to remove any liquid residue.
  9. Wipe any e-liquid spills.
  10. Make a twist from the corner of a sheet of tissue. Wriggle this in the base cavity to remove liquid reside from the threads and contact points.
  11. Make another corner twist and wriggle this into the cavity in the top of your battery. Wipe over all battery threads.
  12. Recharge battery or replace onto the clearomiser.
  13. Dispose of tissue into household waste and wash hands thoroughly
  14. Store e-liquid safely out of reach of children.



  • Cleaning your battery before charging will prevent liquid residue from being transferred to the charging lead and ensure proper contact is made during charging.
  • When refilling you may wish to wipe and clean the threads both inside of the clearomiser when the base has been removed and of the base to keep the threads clean and clear of liquid residue. This is best performed between steps 2 and 3 above.


To change the coil:

  1. Unscrew the device from the battery.
  2. With mouthpiece downwards unscrew and remove base which houses the coil.
  3. Set aside the tank part ensuring that it is held safely with mouthpiece downwards so that you do not lose any liquid that is in the tank.
  4. Unscrew the used coil from the base and replace with a new coil. Tighten into place. Finger tight is sufficient.
  5. Reassemble.
  6. Wipe down any spills.
  7. Wash and dry hands carefully