• There is no certantity you will enjoy e-cigs as much as yout traditional cigarettes.


    If you are serious about giving up smoking and you have tried all the other alternatives then you have nothing to lose by trying an ecig.On our website there are reviews from other users who have already tried the product.

  • Whysmoke electronic cigarettes do not produce any ash or cigarette butts the way traditional cigarettes do.  Whysmoke electronic cigarettes offer a smoking alternative that you can smoke in many non-smoking areas. It's advisable to ask permission before using your Whysmoke electronic cigarette in public places.

  • If you’ve been looking at cartomizers, atomizers, or tanks you’ve undoubtedly seen the “ohms” rating or “Low Resistance (LR)” listed along side such products. Many of these items are available for sale in various ohm ratings. Even if you know what the term means, if you’re new to electronic cigarettes it likely presents some form of confusion when you’re just looking to order replacement atomizers or want to try the latest cartomizer. I’ll try to provide some clarity regarding what ohms actually mean and how it applies to ecigarettes.

    In layman terms ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel through something.
    Ohms can also be represented using the following symbol Ω.

    When we’re talking about ohms and ecigarette parts what we’re really concerned with is what kind of heat the coil is generating to evaporate our eliquid.
    There are effectively 2 things that determine how hot the coil element gets; battery voltage and the ohm rating of parts attached to the battery. Higher battery voltage and lower resistance both create more heat for evaporation. Heat produced by the ecigarette will impact flavor, vapor production and your overall experience. Using ohms we can fine tune the vapor production and flavor that best matches the batteries we own.

    Lets take 2 cartomizers assume they are made by the same manufacturer, but each has different ohm ratings as follows. 1) Low Resistance (LR) 1-1.5 ohm Cartomizer and 2) Standard 2.2-2.8 ohm Cartomizer. Here is a general overview of differences one should expect between them.



     Allow more electricity to flow
     Creates more heat at the coil
     Creates more vapor
     Provides warmer vapor
     May intensifying or diminish flavor
     Will drain your battery quicker
     Dry hits are more likely
     May cause premature battery failure
     Uses more juice per puff, more refilling


     Allow less electricity to flow
     Creates less heat at the coil
     Creates less vapor
     Provides cooler vapor
     May intensifying or diminish flavor
     Will drain your battery slower
     Dry hits are less likely
     Doesn’t cause premature battery failure
     Uses less juice per puff, less refilling

    As you can see the general trade off’s between the two are pretty obvious. However, you might find yourself still asking, “so which ohm rating cartomizer or atomizer should I be purchasing?”. Well I hate to break it to you but there’s no definitive answer to this. Keep in mind there is a lot of personal preference between individuals, and also a difference in equipment and ejuice. Optimally you want to get the lowest ohm rating that won’t result in too many dry hits. This will give you the best vapor production and usually the best flavor.




    Unscrew and lift the black mouthpiece to remove from the base. Fill the tank by tilting the unit about 45 degrees and dripping onto the internal side; avoid dripping into the center or on the silicone cap. Fill to just under the 1.6 marking on the outside of the cartomizer (or about 1/8th inch from the bottom of the white, silicone cap). Do NOT overfill. Replace the mouthpiece and screw on finger tight. Enjoy!


    Cleaning the CE4 Model:

    Every day, disassemble the e-cig (unscrew the CE4 from the battery). Wipe the battery’s connectors (both internally & externally threaded areas) and the CE4's connector (the threaded end) with a dry paper towel. Its recomended do these steps before connecting to the charger or reassembling your e-cigarette.

    Note: The following cleaning instructions for the CE4 are necessary only if vapor production is substantially decreased or if liquid becomes very dark or produces a foul taste. The old liquid remaining in the tank may simply be drained by unscrewing the mouthpiece and turning the tank upside-down over a paper towel, then refill the tank.

    To fully clean a CE4, remove the CE4 from the battery. Unscrew the black mouthpiece; set aside. Using tweezers, carefully remove the white silicone cap by gently grasping the center and pulling it out. Wash the Clearomizer tank in very warm water. Shake off excess water. Thoroughly dry the battery connector end of the CE4, and then screw the CE4 onto the battery. Do a "dry burn" by depressing the battery’s button for about 3 seconds (you can see excess water vaporizing in the center tube). Repeat the dry burn 4 times. Partially press the white silicone back into the tank, then place the black mouthpiece onto the silicone, press and screw on the mouthpiece to fully situate the silicone cap back onto the center metal tube. Remove the mouthpiece, refill, replace the mouthpiece and enjoy!

  • NEVER continue to vape if you get a burned-taste; this will permanently ruin your atomizer.
    Do not allow e-liquid to get too low in the cartridge/atomizer, and NEVER vape a dry cartridge/atomizer – it will permanently damage the atomizer.
    NEVER press or hold the battery button when not puffing. This will burn out the atomizer and give you a burned taste. The puffing action draws liquid into the atomizer and heating unit. Release the button when finished with the draw, and make sure that the light turns off when released.


  • The vapor consists of medicinal grade propylene glycol(PG) and medical grade vegetable glycerine(VG) and flavorings.

    The medical Grade propylene glycol is the primary component in our vapor solution. Propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe” by the TGA and is used in a number of common household products such as cake mix, vanilla extract, and food coloring and many other consumables

    The propylene glycol helps keep the vapor solution lubricated inside of the atomizer. This allows it to be easily turned into a vapor when the e-cig is smoked.

    The vapors in Whysmoke electronic cigarettes also contain full-bodied flavors.

    As nicotine is highly addictive, it is not legal to be sold. However, Whysmoke zero nicotine E-liquid provide an alternative smoking experience for those who wish to smoke e-cigarettes without nicotine.

  • Whether you're an eCig beginner or a seasoned smoker, we're going with any tank  model. We recommend models with a manual button to turn on the atomizer, rather than the "draw activated" automatic versions that you'll find in many stores. The manual versions (with a button to light the atomizer, instead of a "puff" switch) have several advantages:

    You can push the button as you bring the eCig up to your lips, pre-heating the atomizer, getting more vapor and reducing how hard you have to draw.

    Tanks are very easy to refill, just pop off the mouth peice and drop in the eLiquid.

  • The answer is Yes, you can charge the eGo battery with a standard  510 USB charging cable.

  • There are two different charger types, but three uses for them:

    • Direct AC chargers plug directly into a wall outlet
    • USB charging cables.There are also AC chargers that have USB connections on them, effectively allowing you two different ways to use a USB charging cable:
    • Plugged into a USB port, such as on a PC
    • Plugged into an AC charger that has a USB connection on it

     * Plugged into a car charger

  • Your atomizer should last, if maintained properly, about 1-2 month's

    • Whysmoke  electronic cigarettes do not smell  because they do not produce and  release  smoke. Instead of smoke, vapour is inhaled and exhaled from the  Whysmoke E-cigarette which vanishes instantly and hence there is no  after smoke or smell after smoking.
    • Whysmoke  E-Cigarettes are odourless, cheap and affordable, smokeless and highly  effective in comparison to Normal Traditional Cigarettes.  They taste,  feel and look like normal traditional cigarettes.
    • Whysmoke E-cigs provide  the sensation of smoking without the smell of tobacco or any lingering smell.
  • Care and Maintenance of all e-Cigarette Equipment:

    Your e-Cigarette is a complex electronic device, and should be treated with  the same care as a cell phone or camera.  Do not expose it to liquids,  extreme temperatures, flames or drop on hard surfaces.  CLEAN your e-cig at  least once daily.